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All the bitching about the ice bucket challenge being pointless and stupid because ‘pouring cold water over you isn’t raising money’ and it’s ‘disrespectful to people in Africa’, is really starting to piss me off. It IS raising money. People donate money to ALS before or even after doing the ice bucket challenge. The reason for posting the videos is to bring awareness to the cause - which it has. All the challenges have raised over 15 million dollars already. And the whole point of the bucket of iced water, is because children have described the process of going through chemo to feeling like iced water being poured over their skin. Why can’t people just enjoy what celebrities and the rest of the world are doing for this challenge and the ALS cause? It’s pretty obvious they’re enjoying themselves. Why can’t people just play along and have a laugh? Stop taking everything so seriously all the time and enjoy what everyone has done, and continues to do for the cause, instead of focusing on what they ‘should’ be doing!


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